Mother Nature is my trainer

Snow shoveled driveway!

The snow is lightly falling. Quiet fills the air.

It’s been snowing since sometime in the middle of the night, leaving us with about a half a foot of snow, a beautiful white canvas. Snow of the cotton candy type.

The light and fluffy flakes, almost like air, made it easier to get the job done – the job of clearing the driveway. Clearing the old fashioned way, by hand. Me and my shovel. Back and forth. Back and forth. Mother Nature’s workout – as many laps as it takes.

It starts peacefully, alone outside. Slowly others neighbors came out. Snow blowers buzzed to the east and west we collectively rearranged the snow on our little cul-de-sac. The rhythmic movement somehow comforting.

I felt a sense of accomplishment as I looked around and saw my work: side walks to right cleared, sidewalks to the left cleared, walkway to the door cleared…entire driveway cleared.

“Oh, but there’s more, my dear!” came wicked little voice of Mother Nature. Then I heard the grinding of metal against the pavement in the distance. Slowly the big truck with its yellow shovel attached to the front came into view. The snow plow was coming around the curve of Pine Ridge!

My shoulders slumped and my eyes narrowed as the truck came up from the end of the street. I might have been glaring at the driver – even though I knew he was just doing his job, for which I am grateful – when the plow left nearly 3 feet of snow about 3 feet wide where there had been none.This snow is not the light fluffy variety. No, it’s laden with salt and dirt. It’s heavy.

“More laps, deary.” Work harder. Back and forth. Shovel, walk the load down the sidewalk (the piles on either side of the driveway are too high to throw the snow onto), toss it onto the low pile of white stuff. Repeat. How many repetitions? As many as it takes.

The work is hard. I’m reminded I’m tough. I ran a marathon. I survived cancer. I can surely manage to stir up enough energy to finish this job.

Yes. I did it! Clean, warm, and sitting now with my hot coffee, I am grateful to have today’s workout behind me. Thanks Coach Mother Nature for believing in me.


3 thoughts on “Mother Nature is my trainer

  1. Lovely! Take that, Snow Plow Man! 🙂 (always finding a way to go to war!) Picked me up after nothing but meetings since 7 am… finally getting to eat. Waiting for the snow to hit Michigan. 🙂 Onward!

  2. @Yvonne, yes, I am learning that perspective is everything! And that I get to choose the lens I look through…as Mike Dooley likes to say: “Thoughts create things…choose the good ones!” 🙂

    @Maureen, glad I could bring you a smile. Hope Mother Nature decide you don’t need the same full-body workout – unless you decide that’s just what you want! Yesterday I was immersed in a database project related to Cloud U and never got around to reading our GWW assignment! Can you believe it? Something to look forward to today!

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