Blessing by example

50th kiss

What a day of celebration! Yesterday, I enJOYed hanging out with Mom & Dad, Mike & Lisa, Jillian & Jeremy, and Jim as we honored my parent’s and celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. The highlight of the festivities was at the end of the day, when we came home from a super delicious and fun dinner at Sisley. We delighted in chocolate cake and champagne and gave Mom & Dad the anniversary book that we put together. The book included letters and cards from friends and family. The fact that the book was 3 inches thick speaks to how special the world that knows them finds them. Mike and I both feel so blessed to have our parents as role models for how to be a loving couple. Despite Dad’s joke about the secret to 50 years of wedded bliss being something about who gets to make the decisions (she gets to make the small decisions, I get to make the big decisions…there have been no big decisions), I’m sure the secret is something far more important.  I think it begins with L…

Below is the poem I wrote as a tribute, which was included in the book. (If you missed it, I’ve previously blogged on this topic of Love between my parents.)

Your Love

A tribute to Mom & Dad

By Vicki L. Flaherty


I am thankful for the love between you

The love that created me and is the seed of who I am

The love that created my brother and believes in us both always


I am thankful for the love that makes us a family

The love that treasures together time – camping, boating, skiing on the water or in the snow, and just hanging out

The love that creates a richness of happy memories


I am thankful for the love you give without reserve

The love that opens, explores, and shares with family, friends, and even strangers

The love that seeks out fun and fills life with joy


I am thankful for the love you treat as more precious than anything

holding on to it and each other tightly hand-in-hand

The love that moves through tough times of separation and loss

The love that turns challenges into opportunities


I am thankful for the love that radiates when you are together

The love that lights the way for others to see

The love that shows what’s possible when two people accept themselves and each other as they are and give completely to each other


I am thankful for the love always supporting the greater whole

The love that opens to the years as they fall like rain

The love that celebrates the golden light from which you will continue to grow together

© Vicki Flaherty 2013

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