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Maureen Flower Photos

Today I celebrate my wonderful friend, Maureen. Well, I should say that today I celebrate ‘out loud’ (i.e., publicly) my wonderful friend, Maureen, because many a day I am grateful for our friendship and it’s abundantly delicious gifts. She makes me smile, she leads me in the direction of my heart, she helps me soar, she makes me feel good, and strong, and valued.

Plus, she’s super talented…she’s an artist, a photographer to be exact and she takes amazing shots of all sorts of things. I first fell in love with her flower photos and just had to include them in Mostly My Heart Sings (these 3 grace some of the chapter divider pages). Since then I’ve seen beautiful photos of signs, cities, animals, people, nature…recently I felt so special when she sent me a CD compilation of her photos from a trip to Germany.

Plus, we share a love of writing. I’m so excited that next week we’ll be starting Gotham’s online creative writing workshop. Ten weeks of creativity and fun together. I still smile about the day we decided to do it together and coordinated our pressing the register button so that we would get in the same workshop! I felt like I was in 7th grade. 🙂

And, she’s a strengths guru helping thousands of IBMers leverage their strengths to do great work, build great teams, and make a difference in the world. I learned a new fact today about the strengths unveiled with StrengthsFinder 2.0 in her IBM Succeed with Your Strengths blog post:  The odds of you meeting someone with your same top 5 strengths, in the same order, are 33 million to one.  Each of us is unique and has our own “Strengths Fingerprint.”” Cool! So she teaches me knew stuff and makes me feel oh-so-special, too. Thank you for being my BFF @work.

Do you have a Best Friend at work?  Another fact I learned today from Maureen: One of Gallup’s Q-12 (employee enagagement) questions is this: I have a best friend at work.  If you respond with “Strongly Agree”, then that is one of the 12 dimensions of being an engaged employee. Who knew? To get more engaged in your work, be sure to have a best friend there!


5 thoughts on “BFF @ work

  1. Hello Vicki! Wow! I’m sitting here amazed and blushing with all your positive remarks. As I think about it, BFF’s are built over time and with a variety of experiences with a “consistent” outcome (positive, fun, effective – whatever) where the promise and potential of the friendship is realized. And that is what engagement is all about (employee engagement and customer engagement and BFF engagement). I of course didn’t know that you didn’t know about the 33 million to 1 or the q-12 employee engagement questions from Gallup – good lesson for me that people can’t read my mind (thank goodness!) We have had so much fun over the years – the writing class will be just another extension of the promise of our friendship. It was fun to hit the enter key at the same time! 🙂 Think about all the dimensions our friendship has explored – my hideous job (at the time), Humberto the Hun, my many mistakes at work and in my personal life. Your trip to Turkey, your journey through cancer, fabulous guest blogger… I mean really! We do rock – and so does everybody else. We just love to help them realize it! Thanks Vicki, my BFF whom I adore and love! Onward! Maureen

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