Be Bold

Be Yourself

Yesterday when I was in the Wild Rose gift shop and was drawn to a little tile pendant that I bought for myself. It was painted deep rich energizing red with pretty flowers and said ‘Be Bold’. I felt alive and whole and free to be me when I put it on. I took it off to see if the feeling ‘stuck’ – just to ensure it was not some magic neclace. Guess what! It’s not in the neclace, it’s in me!  How empowering! Today I am celebrating that I have the choice to be who I am. That I can take actions that are in integrity with my values and that I can embrace my authentic self. What a great place to be on the first day living into my 50th year of my life!

5 thoughts on “Be Bold

  1. One of my favorite quotes, which I paired with some audacious, bodacious, shot I took in a garden, is: “Be bold, and might forces will come to your aid.” by Goethe. Welcome to 50, Vicki! It’s really no different than 49 or 51 (IMHO) and I love your trinket – what a gift to yourself to honor who you really are. You rock, girlfriend!

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