Celebratory Circle

birthday beauty

The presents have been arriving, the emails have been flowing, and the festivities have begun! Life is feeling especially abundant and delicious this week. My friends and family have formed a celebratory circle around me as I honor my birth into this world. What a very special lunch yesterday with my friend Lati, who treated me to a wonderful and tasty meal at her beautiful home – of course, the company and conversation was the best gift of all (the beautiful flowers and chocolate were nice, too!  :)). The whipped cream and cherry on top of the day was my monthly Chakra Chicks (or Chocolate Chips as Jim likes to call us) gathering with Blair, Ginny, Kate and Lori. We had another estupendo buffet (this time it had a Mexican theme). The evening was like a big hug with so much love and laughter. And, there’s more…lunches and dinners continue this week. Ah, I feel like a queen.  In gratitude for my awesome collection of inspiring friends and my loving family.

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