Choosing my to-do list

Courtesy of Positive Inspirational Quotes

Courtesy of Positive Inspirational Quotes

This morning shortly after I awoke, the list of things to do started swimming through my mind even before I had the chance to relax with my morning cup of coffee – make lunches for the week, prepare dish for tomorrow  night’s dinner, write long overdue letter to mother-in-law, work on presentation I’m giving at the end of the month, decide whether to run inside or outside given the rain…

Please, it’s Sunday, for goodness sake! Turn off the pressure cooker. Slow down. Trust there’s plenty of time for all that’s truly important. Relish this opportunity to just breathe and be calm, to let go of my need to be in control and have everything figured out, to connect with my heart, to be grateful for this abundantly delicious life. I decided to trade in the list that my mind was forming first thing out of habit for the one offered by Positive Inspirational Quotes. These are some actions worth my aspirations!


One thought on “Choosing my to-do list

  1. Ah! what a lovely reminder that I can (and should) shut off both my computers (even though photos of Ireland are calling my name). Thank you!

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