Home sweet home

Winter River Run

I feel lucky. I got home last night essentially on time. Blizzard Nemo had the potential to reek havoc on my travel late yesterday afternoon. I had been irritated that I had to book my travel on Delta through Atlanta from Washington DC, rather than on American through Chicago (I’m an AA frequent flyer) – however, going south to get west definitely worked in my favor. Everything went pretty much like clockwork. Yeah!

I am glad to be home with Jim. Between his business travel and mine, we haven’t been together since last Sunday. For us, that’s a long time to be apart. We’ll celebrate today by relishing our weekend routine…lunch at Subway, a run along the Iowa River through University of Iowa and downtown Iowa City, a few errands, and then a relaxing early evening in front of a toasty fire before going out for dinner.

Yes, this is an abundantly delicious life!

4 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. Ah, my friend! I love your post, and share your joy with being home after a long journey… Can’t wait to catch up. I celebrate your lovely reunion with your man and your return to routine. 🙂 I’m making a Garlic soup (Dr. Andrew Weil) to battle the inevitable cold that comes from crazy international travel. Miss you – all well here. QM

    • I love how you are caring for yourself – the soup sounds warm and healthy! I trust you are creating a rejuvenating weekend for yourself. I look forward to our catching up! I want to hear all about your Strengths Workshop in Ireland my awesome friend!

  2. Sometime you have to go down to go up; or in this case south to go west. Glad you also got out before the storm, I was in White Plains and even though I changed to an early morning flight, it was still touch and go there once the snow started. You can Jim have a warm and wonderful weekend reunion. You absolutely have a delicious life – Lorian

    • Lorian, I am glad you got out of White Plains. It’s frequently touch and go at that little airport! I know your little zoo is so glad to have you home, and you are so glad to be there, too! I trust you are having a special reunion weekend, too!

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