Passionately strategic


Another incredible meeting with the Green Building Certification Institute Board of Directors. What an honor to serve an organization so filled with passion for making a difference in the world. It has become our tradition to begin our meetings with an inspiring and thoughful poem. In anticipation of our strategic planning meeting, I had offered to bring a poem. Just last week I was wondering what I’d bring, when this poem came flowing from me. It was truly inspired – by the 4 amazing years I’ve spent with this organization. I am so grateful to be a part of such meaningful work and to collaborate with such brilliant, shining people.

Strategic Direction
By Vicki L. Flaherty

Written for the GBCI Board
2013 Strategic Planning Meeting
February 7, 2013

Together we gather
To capture our vision
To lay out our aspirations
For creating a better world
A greener, a more sustainable planet

In this moment, let us be silent and still
Connect with our spirits
Individually and collectively
Let us unwrap our dreams
And open our hearts
To round and shape our minds
And infuse our goals with passion

The task at hand
Relies on each one of us
Bringing our unique contributions
Our collective experiences
Through our sharing will come the value
In our exploring, our reaching, our pointing
We will find the light of opportunity

Let us go forward as one
Our shared purpose guiding our steps
May we boldly and powerfully lead
Walking courageously into a land of discovery
Embracing both the familiar
And the vast and different terrain we encounter

May we explore together the questions
Moving with grace toward the unknown
Our inquiry giving shape to change
May we be curious, and open
Honest, and trusting,
May we be energetic, and alive
Creative, and inspired

We’ll craft our strategies
Taking time to look back
Capturing our lessons learned
And our wisdom gained
Building on what’s come before
The vision will awaken
As we move with our eyes ahead
Looking toward the possibility before us

Somewhere between the past and future
We will find the richness of the present moment
Here let us open to the gift bestowed upon us
The opportunity to make a difference
The chance to feed the people hungry for change
Who sit at the table hopeful for something better

© Vicki L. Flaherty, 2013

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