Cleaning Frenzy

I didn’t know what I was going to do today. Jim was gone so I had a blank canvas. I resisted the urge to plan out the day. I remained curious about how it would shake out, and just followed my energy.  It turns out, I spent the entire day cleaning! Deep cleaning, like moving-furniture-to-get-the-cobwebs-and-dust-hiding-underneath cleaning. I’ve always been a bit of a cleaning nut but I don’t think I have ever devoted a full day and cleaned from top to bottom (that is, the entire house!). I like the physical work of it, and the tangible reward on the other side (ah, I love a clean house!). I may get this quirky attribute from my dad, who likely learned it in the Navy. He was probably born with his energizer bunny-ness – and clearly he passed it along to me.

It may be hard to believe…but it was a delicious day. The sun was out, casting bright light inside. I cranked up La Traviata and Madama Butterfly on the stereo. I enjoyed caring for the lovely things we are fortunate enough to have gracing our home. Memories of so many good times flashed through my mind’s eye. I close today feeling especially blessed for all that I have to make my life cozy, comfortable and connected.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning Frenzy

  1. Wow! What a great post, Vicki! I am motivated to do the same when I return home – not only was your achiever satisfied (get ‘er done!) but you found a way to connect to all those precious memories… You are the bomb (but we knew that!) Onward!

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