Being so incredibly supported


Today I am so full of gratitude for the gift of friendship that I share with some very special colleagues.

This week my amazing friend and fellow IBMers Maureen has been so supportive – fueling my creative spirit, helping me see ways that I can make a difference, encouraging me to open up. share and fill the space with new ideas and energy. The fact that I call her ‘the bomb’ might suggest that I think she is explosively wonderful! Our friendship is a testament to how it IS possible to build a really strong and meaningful relationship with someone you have never met in person. My manager introduced me to her a couple of years ago and we clicked (I think because we were both willing to be open and really share of ourselves as people, not just employees), and well the rest is history – that’s not actually true, our friendship continues to blossom and there’s plenty of journeying ahead together for the two of us, I’m sure!

For the past 7 years I have been hosting a call for a small circle of leaders. We come together to check in, with ourselves and with each other. We share where we are, how we are feeling, what’s working for us, what’s not working. It’s a sacred space in that we hold each other to sharing from our hearts and not our heads. I left today’s call with 3 of my colleagues having felt a very powerful connection among us, and I left energized by the support and encouragement – the love -that I received. This group is a testament to the power we have to create what we want in our lives.

Thank you Maureen, Chris, Duke, and Sandra for the gifts you are to me.

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