Gifts of friendship

Me wearing my colorful new hat!

Me wearing my colorful new hat!

Today I am grateful for the gift of friendship and all of its blessings…for life-long friends, for friends at work, for friends of friends, for family members who are friends, for coworkers who are friends, for friends made on vacation. Yes, today I am celebrating the last type of friend on the list. My new found friend (I mentioned Meeting Mukti in a previous blog) surprised me with a lovely gift this week – a beautiful, colorful wool cap. She said when she saw it, she thought of me and just had to get it. I’m guessing it’s because this little head warmer matches a couple of the swimsuits I wore, with all their pinks and turquoises, when I met Mukti in Mexico. (I don’t think I’ll be color coordinating the hat with those!) Thanks, Mukti, for making me feel special!

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