Treasured Traditions

Jim @ ChestnutMt 2013

Growing up in the Navy, I never lived anywhere long enough to keep coming back to the same place year after year. Our family traditions typically involved making fun of the adventures of moving. As I kid, I always wanted to be the one who stayed in one place all my life, not the one constantly moving on. As an adult, I appreciate the skills I learned in my childhood as a result, like being able to adapt to new places and make friends easily. And, as an adult, I now get to appreciate some of that stability I longed for in my youth.

Jim and I have lived in Iowa for almost a dozen years now! And, every one of those years we have packed up the Subaru and headed for Galena IL for a skiing adventure at Chestnut Mountain Ski Resort for one of the long holiday weekends in January or February. Most people who do any kind of skiing would barely call this skiing given the runs are quite short, although it’s about right for us since we only put on the boots and skis about once a year. We still debate every year about our favorite part of the trip…the skiing and the majestic beauty of the snow covered mountains along the Mississippi River (see above photo) or the warmth of the hot tub afterwards!

I’m still smiling after a super fun weekend with Jim!  I’ve included a few more of my favorite photos from our trip this year…

Trees at ChestnutMt




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