Looks hard, feels easy


This past week as I’ve been running around the track at my gym, a 20-something young woman has been really busting it, including doing some sprints. As I watched her, I thought, “Boy, that looks really hard.”

Today after my weight-lifting routine, I decided to add in a quick mile run. I found myself doing sprints around one of the straight-aways on the track. I noticed that it was not hard like I thought it would be. I leaned into it, really leaned, almost like I was falling into it. I found myself letting go. I felt light as air. This continued the dozen times I sprinted part of each lap around the track.  Sweet! as my nephew Jeremy would say.

As I enjoyed the release and freedom of the running, I wondered if there was something that I might apply to my work. Is there a way to make things light and easy that I perceive will be hard? Is there something to leaning into the challenges?  What’s possible when I let go?


3 thoughts on “Looks hard, feels easy

  1. Ah… Sir Issac Newton would be proud of you my friend, as am I. Love the idea of finding something light in what we thought was heavy…

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