Flowing and Not Knowing

Courtesy of fanpop.com

Courtesy of fanpop.com

I’ve been invited to talk at a company leadership event for technical professionals next month. I thought I was going to use a presentation I’ve given a few times on creating your success. However, somewhat unexpectedly, ideas have come flying in for the past week, suggesting a different framework. The ideas arrive mostly in the mornings when I create quiet time to open to my day, sometimes in the evenings as I wind down my day and find a simple place of gratitude.

As these ideas arrive, I capture them like butterflies. Pages and pages of butterflies. I feel so alive when I am capturing these beautiful things, my ideas on paper. At times it’s almost like the pen is moving by itself, I’m so completely absorbed. I’m not exactly sure where all of the ideas are carrying me. I find the mystery curiously exciting. I feel like a child who has been promised a trip to the ice cream parlor, so full of anticipation for something delicious ahead.

6 thoughts on “Flowing and Not Knowing

  1. So happy for you, Vicki! I know they selected the right person for the job. You’ll have to report back to us. You go girl! You look hot when you’re on fire! 🙂

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