Time in Turkey


This post was inspired by a recent blog by Christi M about Cappadocia Turkey at Simple. Interesting. My love for Turkey began in 2010 when I was assigned to go to Gaziantep Turkey as part of IBM’s Corporate Service Corps. I went there for a month in May-June 2010 with a team of 9 other IBMers from around the world to help the city government with strategic business development.

Because I had learned by that point in my life the incredible things that open up to you when you share what’s going on in your life with other people, I met a woman here in Iowa City who is from Turkey. She had other friends locally from Turkey.  Now I have a family of Turkish girlfriends, several of whom are among my dearest friends. To me the Turkish people are very warm, gentle and caring (for another post – they are fantastic cooks, too!).

Our IBM team took a weekend road trip to Cappadocia, and I went up in a hot air balloon for an eagle’s eye view. It is one of the most magical things I’ve had the privilege to do.  Here are a few of my many snapshots.






4 thoughts on “Time in Turkey

  1. As always, your attention to the connections and relationships in this world (even to the beautiful landscapes you’ve visited) are inspirational. Thank you!

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