My heart expanding

It often happens when I am running. Maybe it’s what’s called ‘runner’s high’. Usually it’s a couple of miles into a run, after I’m warmed up and have let go of all that’s been on my mind, when I’m into the rhythm of my movement and my surroundings bathe me with joy. Yesterday, as Jim and I ran side-by-side along the river’s edge, I wondered what people saw. Two people all bundled up (it was 17F !) in black jackets and leggings, me with a hint of color with my purple gloves and hat.  Could they see it?  Could Jim sense it?

Bursting from my chest, a big orange and red exploding heart? Something like the art I selected above? As I ran, I found myself washed in joy and love, reflecting on my weekend with Jim and some of the special moments we shared together. Almost like I special ordered it, on my audio player came a silly song that perhaps I should be embarrassed to say I really like: I think I love you by David Cassidy. As I sang along in my head, I’m sure I had a big silly smile on my face and bit more spunk in my stride. If someone were paying attention, I’m sure they would have seen at least that.

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