Sunday’s soreness

Photo courtesy Vintage Everyday

Photo courtesy Vintage Everyday

Oh, boy, I am sore. That is, my body feels like it’s been through the ringer (see photo above), has lots of achy spots, and is just plain tired. As part of my lifelong intention to be healthy and fit (note that I did not say 2013 new year resolution – this intention started at age 13 when I decided to go out for track in Junior High), I have been getting back into my fitness routine after having lightened things up during the holiday (a gift I give to myself).

I had pushed through two sets during Friday’s weight-lifting, and yesterday I attended ‘yoga with Shelly’. I love yoga with Shelly. She was on fire yesterday, however, and lit one under me, too…very challenging practice.  I think it was just as hard to avoid judging myself in some negative way for needing to modify some of the postures and to move to a resting posture several times as it was to breath through some of the challenging postures. It feels good to challenge myself and know that I am taking care of my body (and to accept that I am not some perfect yogini). So each time I ooh and ah when a little ache speaks to me today, I am going to say “Go girl – you are moving toward health – isn’t that grand?!”

7 thoughts on “Sunday’s soreness

  1. Hello my friend! I love your lifelong commitment to well being… OF COURSE. And soreness reminds us of things we otherwise taken no notice of! And your self-encourgaement is amazing…. Maitri in action! So I am home now, post-massage, post-TaiChi, and making a soup called Turkish Bridal Soup. Knowing that you were in Turkey, I wanted to share it with you! A few years ago, I packaged up this recipe with organic red lentils and bulgar wheat, put it in a pretty package, and shared it with my girlfriends (merry christmas to you!) This was before I knew you, I think. But I wanted to share it with you – it feels like I’m taking good care of myself, too, in a different way. I cut back on the butter/oil and randomly add cumin, tumeric, pepper, garlic, etc. – I couldn’t follow a recipe if my life depended on it. Knowing that you were there, did you hear anything about Turkish Bridal Soup, which fortifies you for you the ordeal of your first night of marriage? (I can only wonder!) Here is the link my friend – thanks for sharing your awesomeness with us!

    • So ‘funny’ that you mentioned Turkey…I think when you posted this, I was creating a blog about my IBM Corporate Service Corps ‘road trip’ to Cappadocia…haven’t finished it yet but stay tuned. I don’t know anything about this Turkish Bridal Soup, except that it sounds very tasty and leaves me quite curious. I am having dinner with one of my Turkish friends later this month and will have to ask about it! Thanks for sharing it. Glad you are taking good care of yourself today!

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