Winter’s blessings

Pines in Winter

I keep coming back to yesterday’s run with Jim. Our usual routine. A run from Lower City Park through the University of Iowa and downtown Iowa City and back to the park. It was a beautiful, blue sky day with temps in the mid 20s (The above photo is from Feb 2011, not yesterday.). The birds were our entertainment.

When we started, we saw 7 eagles high in the sky over the river.  Then, on campus mid-way through our run, one flew pretty low right over our heads, causing us both to stop and watch it soar away. Just when we thought the eagle action was over, and about the time we were nearly finished with our run, we saw an eagle resting on the icy cover of the river.

As we meandered through the University approaching downtown, there was a huge flock of birds that covered several trees. We were surprised to discover they were robins. Looks like they were moving from berry producing tree to berry producing tree.

Finally, we saw a small hawk resting on a tree along the river. It, too, caused us to stop, awestruck, to just watch it. We were mesmerized. The hawk watched us for a few seconds and then flew off majestically.

The weekend before we saw hundreds of geese flying together in formation.  Several separate groups. They were amazing with their ebb and flow, and how their positioned changed like falling dominos. (The weird thing is that they were flying north instead of south.)

These visions led me to write a couple of lines, not sure if it’s the beginning of a winter’s poem…

The geese flew south like a liquid line dance in the sky as the first winter snow fell.

The eagles soared in like a graceful ballet for the clouds as the river froze over.

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