Magnificent Moment

bald eagle soaring

The sparks always fly when we are together. In a good way, like a roaring fire warming up to its possibility. Our spirits and the sunshine-y blue sky are the only warmth on what must be a month now of freezing days.

Our meeting was impromptu, at her front door.  I was returning from a walk, and her dogs were in her yard. When Lola barked her hello to me, Blair came outside to discover what the commotion was about.

We warmed up with the typical “How was your holiday?”, “Did you have a good New Year’s Eve?”, and “How are you today?” – the stuff we would say to anyone. From there, though, we moved to that place we go – a place where together we open to who we are and what we can create in the world.

Then she spotted it through the pines in her front yard. We moved to the middle of the driveway to get a better view. Soaring with grace was a single, beautiful, bald eagle. We stood there with our heads titled to the sky and the magnificence above us, silent as we took in Mother Nature’s message. Her symbolism a new year gift to reflect upon: We can fly with a grace that wakes up the world.


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