Meeting Mukti

bougainvillea at Playa Mermejita

For some reason today I have been thinking about this beautiful woman that I met in Mexico. From the moment she sat down near us, I sensed her energy, her light. She was vibrant, alive. Her smile was magnificent, her personality bubbled over. She loved Jim’s music and sang out loud with Eva Cassidy. She sparkled when she talked about growing up in Brazil. Her heart almost opened in front of her as she talked about living without fear. There was something calming, soothing, healing about her. Indeed, she seemed to embody her very name, which I have come to learn means enlightenment or state of self-realization. Around her, I got the sense that mukti was quite possible in this life.

(I wish I had taken a photo of her…instead I share the photo above that reminds me of the way she brought beauty and light to our surroundings.)

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