It’s a stretch

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It’s a bit of a ‘stretch’ to say I am grateful for the stretch that resulted in my side pain this week. It was the weirdest thing…I strained a side muscle on Saturday afternoon when I reached down to put lotion on my foot! It wasn’t like I felt something pull. It was more like I felt a tap, like someone touched me firmly on the side, and then over the next hour they just stuck their finger into me further and harder. Having once again gotten back into my fitness routine (lower back issue last month), I found myself frustrated and impatient: Why did this have to happen?

Once the anger subsided some, the question turned to: What is my body trying to tell me? I kept asking until I heard the whisper of an answer: pay attention to me. Then: do something other than push me. And: can’t you see it’s winter? time to slow down. It took 5 days to sink in and being forced to stay out of the gym and off the track. I am slowing down, and it feels right.  (Now if someone would just tell Mother Nature that shoveling snow off the driveway is not consistent with this new found savoring slowness and relishing relaxation!)


2 thoughts on “It’s a stretch

  1. Vicki,
    Good work listening to your body here, I enjoyed reading – while recalling last winter where my car had got stuck with one pulling wheel in an icefilled hole on the road and I, in my usual ‘John Wayne attitude’, tried to simply lift the 1.5 ton car out, interrupted by my lower back seriously protesting such misuse.

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