Blossoming with Blair

Blair & Vicki in the happy zone

Blair & Vicki in the happy zone

I am grateful for lunch dates with my friend Blair. I love being with her and what we create when we are together. We talk of flying, being in the zone, finding ourselves on the precipice of something big. We explore the way we view the world and open our thinking together. My friend inspires me, helps me see the light and moves me toward the possibility in my life.  I’ve included below a poem I wrote for her back in 2007, back when our lunching together was relatively new.  Over 5 years later and we are still blossoming.  That feels really, really good. Thank you, Blair.

By Vicki L. Flaherty

Our paths crossed
A powerful attraction
Pulling us together
Energy like a spark
We became friends

Our meetings create light
Nourishing our souls
Reaching deep into our roots
We find our personal truths

Our conversations flow like water
Sharing the essence of who we are
Encouraging each other in our growth
We sustain each other

Our curiosity anchors us
Trusting the direction of our hearts
Exploring infinite possibilities
We relish in the mystery

Our energy is power
Bringing our brilliance to life
Shaping our ideas
We celebrate our discoveries

Kindred spirits
On a journey
A shared belief
That we can create

The world as we want it to be
Like two beautiful flowers
Sprouting from the earth
Reaching into the sunshine

We are blossoming

© copyright Vicki L. Flaherty, 2012

6 thoughts on “Blossoming with Blair

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