A Place of Heart

From Vicki journal, 12/12/12

From Vicki journal, 12/12/12

Last night I tuned in to Charlie Rose for a few minutes when Garrison Kiellor was talking about being a writer and how since the age of 6 he has enjoyed putting sentences together, especially on paper and how he liked the flow of the pen on the page. I immediately resonated with that, remembering vividly how sometimes when I write it’s almost like the pen is moving with some special power. I think this happens when the energy behind my writing shifts from my head to my heart. I was quoted in the Iowa Press Citizen as saying that my poems ‘came out of me like a river of healing’. My poetry, especially during the cancer diagnosis and treatment, was definitely my heart, my heart taking deep breaths and finding it’s voice.

My heart must be warming up because ideas have been running through my head, like little squirrels scampering across the roof: click, click, click. I have a sense that all of the ideas and little clicks are taking shape, mixing together, moving their way to some special insight, like I am tapping on the door of some inner wisdom…like the gears are about to shift so that I moving from that place of heart.

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