Friends Everywhere

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When the UPS driver came through our neighborhood, I was surprised she stopped at our house. When I saw the package was for me, I have to confess getting that child-like excitement reminiscent of Santa leaving presents under the tree. The package was from one of my colleagues who lives in Pakistan, and it included a beautiful traditional wall hanging in reds and pinks. The photo above is the beautiful hand-woven bead work. (The fact that the swirls echo pink ribbons is no coincidence.) Below is a photo of the entire hanging, which is about 30″ wide by 20″ high. I immediately hung it over my new desk and have declared it a symbol of “Friends Everywhere”. Before I started working at IBM 15 years ago, I never would have guessed I’d have a friend in Pakistan (or Qatar, Netherlands, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Slovakia, Turkey, Sweden, China, Japan…and many more). I continue to be amazed at the heart-felt friendships I have developed over the years. When I open up and am willing to be vulnerable and my real self with people, I find that deep connection usually follows. Today is a tribute to my friends everywhere!


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