Running the Marine Corps Marathon, October 2008

Running the Marine Corps Marathon, October 2008

A beautiful fall day in December, crystal blue sky and shimmering sunshine…the runner in me can’t contain herself…out for a mid-day break…my shadow leading me, moving along side me, following me…my movement, graceful and easy, leads me to my strength, shines on my self-esteem, shows me possibility, connects me with all that I love, and opens me to the beautiful gifts of mother nature.

I wrote a poem, which appears in my book Mostly My Heart Sings, about the special place I find when I run.


By Vicki L. Flaherty

I begin one step at a time
Always returning
To where I began
Carrying the part of me
Who has grown wise in time

It comes natural now
Ingrained in me
This special way
That I move
Through the world

Longing for something
My feet dance
With the ground
Stepping inside
And outside of me

Always moving
Ever in change
Exploding outside of time
Soaring through space
I am fluid like grace

A sort of healing happens
A kind of light radiates
With each new path I take
I give birth to myself
Another layer revealed

Over and over again
I move to this comfortable place
To the safe spot that I go
When I’ve lost myself
To find who I truly am

© copyright, Vicki L. Flaherty, Mostly My Heart Sings

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