Dream Wisdom

I awoke this morning from a dream.  I could take it to mean that my car will be stolen overnight or that my college room mate will give me a new car as a gift, or both – or how ’bout neither? I’m taking the whole subconscious mind thing to mean that what looks like a really bad and hairy situation is actually a gift.  Of  course, this is not new news to me.  I am curious about why it’s showing up so vividly now though.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Dream Wisdom

  1. And, then I get one of my daily inspirational emails from The Universe (www.tut.com) that says: There is no problem, conflict, challenge, grievance, symptom, twitch, spasm, ache or pain, dear Vicki – not even those you attribute to external causes – that cannot be spontaneously solved, relieved, or overcome by seeing what you have not yet allowed yourself to see. … well now I’m really curious!

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