The pinnacle of the abundantly delicious life – a day focused on gratitude!

I awoke from my warm bed, where I had slept through the night next to my husband and life partner, Jim. We started the day with our ‘river run’ – and how fortunate that my audio player battery went out so that I could focus my thoughts on all I have to be grateful for, including Jim and the many hobbies we enjoy together, living in a beautiful city graced with a lovely river and wonderful parks, having my health and the ability to stay fit, an amazing community of friends, and family always in our hearts.

Back at home, we prepared our celebratory meal of turkey and gravy, dressing, rice, peas, cranberries, and crescent rolls, feeling fortunate to have a home filled with love and an abundance of food to nourish us. We enjoyed our little feast at our dining room table, set with our wedding china and silver, and beautiful Sarah Brightman singing sweetly to us. We took a walk on the beautiful day given us by Mother Nature – nearly 60F lovely degrees.

We capped our day sitting together in front of the fireplace, our tree filling the room with the scent of pine and the sparkle of the holidays, and some of our favorite music playing on the stereo – Martin Sexton, Richard Shindell, and the Whaling Jennies. We indulged in home-made pumpkin pie complete with fresh whipped cream and honey drizzled over the top before ending our day where it started – warm and cozy together in our bed, filled with gratitude for all the great gifts we are blessed to have in our lives.

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