Her Dream Awakened

I wrote this poem last week while in San Francisco for GreenBuild 2012. As I moved within the passion and inspiration that was present at the conference, my dreams started taking flight.

Her Dream Awakened
By Vicki Flaherty
16 November 2012

she wanted something
she’d been looking around
for quite some time
hoping to find her path
that special road
uniquely hers

she caught herself
dreaming the answer
slowly floating
easily, gracefully
a clear vision crystalized
in her heart inspired
by passionate people
their purpose and power
opening possibility
in shared conversations
soulful and wise intentions
fueling a better world
energy alive moving
holding them together

like a melody repeating
in her mind
‘be who you are’
authentic and true
she kept asking
what does that look like
exploring the questions
what do I feel, believe, dare to dream?

wonder bubbling
she started leaning
and stretching arms
of influence
holding her finally up
she reached clarity
a picture
of herself

she is flying
as she soars high
lifting others up
under her wings
toward the heavens
and the unknown where
she knows with certainty
nothing but greatness


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