Something to offer

In my inbox today, I was greeted by an email from a blogger I really admire (how could I not when she is all about ‘happymaking’?!) asking if I want to collaborate on a 3-minute video to help managers be successful. And, then I had a call this morning with one of IBM’s lead architects who was grateful for how I help him more clearly articulate what he wants to say in a way that reaches a broader audience – he said that I inspire him. And, last week I gave a Create Your Success keynote as part of a virtual career day, an HR Partner asked if I would come to her team’s December meeting to inspire them, and I supported a colleague who was stressed about where her career was going by reading a poem I had just written (see Finding Peace on my Mostly My Heart Sings blog) and she said, “Vicki, you have a gift”.

Signs…what can I learn from these signals along my path? What do they say about my unique strengths, what I have to offer, how I make a difference? What is that gift? What is it that I offer? Is it that I get people to open their hearts and help us turn on our lights?

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